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Goa Sausage Masala
Nutrition Values Per 100 gms
Energy(Kcal) 106
Protein(gm) 4.78
Carbohydrates(gm) 20.50
Fats(gm) 0.50
Monosaturated fat(gm) 0.24
Polyusaturated fat(gm) 0.15
Saturated fat(gm) 0.11
Iron(mg) 18.00
Sodium(mg) 118.10

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For 1kg Pork(diced into small cubes). Add salt & leave overnight. Drain out water. Marinate the same in 2-3 tbsp. of Mario's Goa Sausage Masala. May be bottled and kept tightly closed OR fill into casing and sun dry & smoke. Cook with onions & potatoes.(For better results marinate overnight)