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, a legacy of mouth watering pickles and masalas!!!
Nutrition Values Per 100 gms
Energy(Kcal) 118.0
Protein(gm) 0.1
Carbohydrates(gm) 28.1
Fats(gm) 0.5
Monosaturated fat(gm) 0.3
Polyusaturated fat(gm) 0.2
Saturated fat(gm) 0.1
Iron(mg) 14.5
Sodium(mg) 36.2

Other Products
Garlic Pickle, Green Chilly Pickle, etc.

Use 2-3 tbsp., or as per taste, of Mario's Cafreal Masala to marinate one kg. chicken. Keep for 2 hrs. Grill or Fry.
Serve hot with onion rings and lime. Always use a dry spoon.(For better results marinate overnight)